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About Finest Bakery in Lucknow

The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most of everyday.


Our Vision is to maintain traditional methods & recipes in a craft industry & to offer the highest quality of product & service to all our customers using skilled, trained & competent staff.


Provide our customers with a wide range of branded bakery and freshly made ready to eat goods to a consistently high standard.


We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times, demonstrating high standards of honesty and integrity with everyone we are in contact with.

Migrated from Sindh to Lucknow City. Seeing a part of how life had played everyone at the time of partition is the site which no one forgets. Enduring the hardships and taking care of his family and friends they got stabilized in 1958. When he opened his first venture called Green Bakery, in the small local market call Narahi. But in the flood of 1960 it was drowned and nothing was left of it.

Call it the blessing of almighty or his guts he again opened a Bakery in 1963 now known as Good Bakery Since then we had been giving this city a taste of the most exquisite of delicious. In early 1960 people had a knack for Breads. Till now we think bread is beautiful. We love how it looks, smells and feels, and of course we love how it tastes. We love the tradition and the skill that goes into baking it, and the never-ending quest for the finest ingredients.

At our bakeries you can pick up a world-class loaf from a seasonal, ever-changing range. You can choose a sandwich, freshly-made Pizza, or a slice of cake. You can take all this away with you, or there’s space to sit and linger. Good bread proved frustratingly hard to find when in Late 50`s & Early 60`s there weren’t that many bakeries in Lucknow. Lucknow city`s crowd had been used to Loaf and sliced bread and Mr. GM Ahuja had grown up baking bread with his Father in Sindh.

Cities hunt for a good loaf brought them together and he was quick to find a small outlet which had gathered around her a Crowd of hawkers and re sellers taking goods busy supplying to famous old time restaurants and heavily crowded tea counters.

Mr Ahuja knew this bread was far too good to be confined to restaurants and tea stalls. It deserved to be brought to the high street, where everyone could get at it. And as Fate had it that small outlet got drowned but…Not his Hope. Gathering every thing left of his courage and finding the perfect place to do that proved a lengthy process. In 1963 we found our dream site, in Keisarbagh – halfway between his old house and busiest market place of that time. Mr Ahuja’s relatives arrived in Lucknow from Distant places and joined him; the 2 of them set about turning the site into the neighbourhood bakery the community deserved. They decided to call it GOOD, in vision of the product that the city deserved , after all.

Years on from those first days in Keisarbagh, many of our earliest regulars families still drop by everyday, but having grown across Lucknow we get to know new neighbors everyday. Our bakery have recruited and trained scores more authentic bakers from across the city and in neighboring cities as well, who help our food to reflect and celebrate Lucknow`s cosmopolitan, melting-pot nature. As we get bigger, we still act small. We never cut corners, and we never rush our loaves.

With the finest ingredients, the most skillful bakers, and the most important ingredient of all – plenty of time – we have everything we need to create the perfect Bakery Goods.

Our Management Team

At Bakery, exceptional people are our main ingredient. For over 55 years we have maintained our Culture of Excellence by making people our top priority.

Mr S.K Ahuja
Innovator, Initiator, Idealist
Rishi Ahuja
Creative Head, Marketing
Geetika Ahuja
RND Department
Mr. C.K Ahuja
Planner, Selector, Implementation